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Agenda Item:

• Representation and support of woman in politics

• Promoting equal pay for equal work and closing the gender pay gap

Under-Secretaries General: Aylin Rassad & Nazrin F. Sadigova

UN Women is a specialized agency of the United Nations dedicated to promoting gender equality and women's rights globally. UN Women works to accelerate progress toward gender equality by addressing a wide range of issues, including violence against women, economic empowerment, political participation, and access to education and healthcare. The organization collaborates with governments, civil society, and other UN agencies to advocate for policy changes, implement programs, and raise awareness about gender-related challenges.

UN Women, as a leading advocate for gender equality, actively promotes women's representation in politics and addresses the gender pay gap. In the realm of politics, UN Women works to increase the participation of women in decision-making processes and political leadership at all levels. This involves supporting initiatives that enhance women's political empowerment, ensuring their voices are heard, and fostering inclusive political environments. Simultaneously, UN Women addresses the gender pay gap by advocating for equal pay for equal work and striving to eliminate discriminatory practices in the workplace. Through research, policy advocacy, and collaboration with governments and other stakeholders, UN Women aims to create a world where women have equal opportunities in political leadership and receive fair and equitable compensation for their contributions to the workforce.

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