-Will Boğaziçi MUN 2021 be held online?

Yes, BoğaziçiMUN 2021 will be held online due to the ongoing pandemic.


-Is there a possibility that the conference can be held face-to-face?

No, even if national restrictions are lifted in any case, the conference will be online as we expect the restrictions of Boğaziçi University to continue.


-Is there a dress code for Boğaziçi MUN 2021?

The same dress code for MUN conferences which is Western Business Attire is still obliged for the online Boğaziçi MUN conference. Participants are expected to dress accordingly.


-Which MUN procedure will the conference follow?

Boğaziçi MUN 2021 will follow the Harvard procedure but our academic team will modify it according to the online conference.


- Who can participate in Boğaziçi MUN 2021?

Any university or high school student between 15-25 years of age can apply to BoğaziçiMUN 2021 for available positions.


- What are the requirements for high school students to apply as a delegation?

Only an observer (a high school teacher) can make a delegation application on behalf of high school students. The observer does not have to be present at all times during the conference and supervise his/her students, however, we highly advise their participation in order to encourage their delegates and attend some delegations-only activities. Delegation applications done by high school students will not be evaluated. For every academic and organizational matter, the observer will be contacted prior to, during, and after the conference.


- What are the requirements for university students to apply as a delegation?

A university student, as a head delegate, can form a delegation and apply to Boğaziçi MUN 2021. For every academic and organizational matter, the head delegate will be contacted prior to, during, and after the conference.


- What are the limitations for delegations?

The minimum number of delegates for a delegation is three and the maximum number is 12 in a single application.


- We want to form a delegation with more than 12 delegates. What should be done in order to get approval for our delegation? 

While filling the application form, writing the number of delegates as 12 and contacting the BoğaziçiMUN’21 PR Team (via about your request would be sufficient. However, Boğaziçi MUN 2021 may not accept the increased number or later may ask your delegation to reduce its total size in order to get accepted because of the limited quota for delegates.


- My application to Boğaziçi MUN 2021 has been rejected, is there any reconsideration procedure to get a re-evaluation for my application?

The decision of the BoğaziçiMUN 2021 Secretariat on application results are final. There is no reconsideration procedure unless there is a technical mistake done by the Academic or Organization teams.


- Are applications evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis?

Yes, applications are evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis meaning that first applications get evaluated first by the Secretariat. Therefore, there is a greater chance of acceptance if you apply as early as possible to BoğaziçiMUN 2021.


- Is there a special group discount for delegations?

No, our delegation fees per person are the same as the fees for the individual delegates.


- What are the bank account details for the payment?

Our bank account details will be shared with you with an email when you get an acceptance from our Organization Team.


- When is the last date for payments?

You are expected to make your payments within 3 business days from the moment you get an acceptance.


- Are there any scholarships provided for the BoğaziçiMUN'21 conference? 

There is no scholarship opportunity provided by the Organization Team. However, delegates or delegations can raise funds for their participation in Boğaziçi MUN 2021.


- How many social events are there going to be in Boğaziçi MUN 2021?

The social events are going to be announced soon. Don’t forget to follow our Instagram page in order to follow up with the updates and announcements!


- Am I allowed to get a refund if I decide not to participate?

Unfortunately, due to our financial rules, participants who have done their payments and decide not to come won’t be able to get a refund. But you can contact our team anytime for guidance and help.