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Under-Secretaries General: İpek Şen & Umut Işık Usluyer

Branch Davidians have always been a controversial religious group with multiple allegations held over their leader David Koresh. Another allegation that thDavidians and the FBI will be in active negotiation while the Davidiansa search warrant. After the ATF’s failure to conduct a proper raid of the Branch Davidians’ compound Mount Carmel in Waco and losing 4 agents in the shooting, the FBI took over and from that moment on, a standoff like no one had ever seen started with the President getting involved and ended in such a result that both the ATF and FBI had to change their policies. 

In this committee, Branch Davidians and the FBI will be in active negotiation while the Davidians are fighting their Babylon with all they have and the FBI is trying to deescalate a situation they are not prepared for with stubborn hostages and a growing media and public outrage. A war between one of the most powerful government agencies and a small-scaled religious group, it is up to the delegates which side is going to come on top.

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