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Agenda Item:

• Open Agenda

Under-Secretaries General: Alper Sağtaş & Emir Elhatip

We’re all familiar with the Rockefeller family and their immense wealth, but we’re not really familiar with how their wealth came to be. That is where Standard Oil comes in. In the span of just 20 short years, Standard Oil made John D. Rockefeller an oil magnate, and had control over 90% of all petroleum reserves in the United States. Yet, according to the new anti-trust laws that was passed by the Supreme Court, Standard Oil was monopolizing the industry, eliminating any rival competition, and had complete control over the pricing of petroleum and its byproducts. Therefore, a lawsuit in accordance with the new laws, was filed against Standard Oil, which remained unresolved for quite a while. So, rumours of the case being taken to the Supreme Court began swirling in the press. And that is where our timeline starts. 

As delegates, you will serve as the executive board members of Standard Oil, and you will have complete autonomy over the company. A demonstration of profound financial and political prowess will be most appreciated, as navigating the troubled waters of the American economic scene at the time requires immense precision. Oh, and the best part? Standard Oil is a family-owned private business. So, in a room full of family, you never know who to trust. But what you should know is that, they might be family, but make no mistake, they’re out for blood. Yours or someone else’s, it's of no significance to them. So, never reveal your true intentions, and put your money where your mouth is. Because only the strongest will make it out unscathed.

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