Music, movies, videogames, and anything else that are not-so-serious to write an article on (but we do it anyway!) goes here. Art and craft is a part of our lives and we are reflecting our opinions and analyses on the contents we enjoy every day in this section.

  • Youth and Unconventional Music: An Inseparable Duo

    Boran Göher & Alp Ünal Ayhan


    One of the most prominent factors making up any generational gap is the difference in music taste. A fact apparent when you analyze the music tends over the years. The dominant music genre is always different, and sometimes the dominant genre in just the previous decade is, in some ways, the distinct opposite of the ongoing decade.

  • Is It Rational to Believe in Conspiracy Theories?

    Begüm GÜVEN


    Contradictions pretty much constitute the essence of our civilizations. We don’t mind taking a few hits, making mistakes and end up with more mess than we started, given that we also progress on the side. This seems the only way to make sense to the black and white world of ours; drawing inspiration from Freud’s theory, we can talk about a death drive clashing with the pleasure principle from which development emerges.

  • Separating Art from the Artist

    Ece HASGÜL


    After the trans erasing and transphobic tweets from J.K. Rowling users have started to declare Daniel Radcliffe and many other fictional characters as the writer of the infamous book series, Harry Potter. As the book series holds dear memories in both young and old fans’ hearts, they did not want to associate those precious feelings with someone who is clearly and openly exclusive anymore.

  • Revisiting Detroit: Become Human

    Duygu Bayram


    The early 20th century brought upon the rise of the automobile to Europe and the United States. In the US, Detroit became the capital city of the automotive industry which, coupled with Ford being willing to hire black workers, jump-started a wave of black immigration to the state of Michigan. With the growing population and developing technology, job opportunities started to dwindle and the white population started to accuse black people of stealing their jobs.

  • Celebrate Diversity: LGBTI+ Representation in Eurovision Song Contest

    Didem ÖZÇAKIR


    Everybody loves Eurovision! Every year in may each one of us, even the ones who have never watched the contest before, definitely hear about that year’s winner. We all remember the excitement of waiting if our country would win or not.

  • May the 4th Be With You: Star Wars and the Vietnam War

    Ümit Altar BİNİCİ & Kaan ERTAN


    Happy May 4th to all the PRESENT readers! No matter if you watched “A New Hope” in 1977 in a movie theatre or watched it on your tv, you are a part of the huge Star Wars fan community, which sprawls from generations to generations.

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