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  • The Disease That Does Not Seem to End: Health Effects of COVID-19

    Duygu BAYRAM & Alp Ünal AYHAN


    It is safe to say that most of us had different plans for 2020 when the clock turned midnight on January 1st, even those of us who did not have any plans. Perhaps some of us heard a thing or two about the new virus in China but certainly, none of us expected our whole year to be spent holed up in our apartments or going to work full of anxiety.

  • Tourism and COVID: Finally the Light at the End of the Tunnel?

    Alp Ünal AYHAN


    As COVID-19 ravaged world economies, governments around the world are urgently in need of rejuvenating theirs by reopening businesses after the lockdown period. Turkey, earning 34.5 billion USD from tourism in 2019, according to TurkStat, is especially desperate to reopen its tourism industry.

  • The Killing of George Floyd and What It Sparked

    Ece HASGÜL


    On May 25, George Floyd, a 46 years old African American man, was killed by the police officer Derek Chauvin because of the use of excessive force on Floyd’s neck during an arrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The next day, a 10-minute recording by a bystander and the security camera footage has gained attention from the public and were shared widely on social media.

  • Proud and Present: Happy Pride Month!

    Hülya AFAT & Alp Ünal AYHAN


    As old as human civilization gets we can see Queer footprints in art, literature, and history. “Gayness” was not invented when Hitler started marking gay people with pink triangles, it existed throughout human history, so did oppression.

  • Worker's Day: The Struggle Goes On, Even During a Pandemic

    Alp Ünal AYHAN


    The first day of may marks International Workers’ Day, as a celebration of labor, those who produce labor, their ever-continuing struggle, and the strides made along the way with organized labor.

  • US Presidential Primary Elections 2020: Where Candidates and Generations Stand

    Alp Ünal AYHAN


    As the United States navigates through a long and rather daunting primary process to determine the candidates that will face off in the general elections in November perhaps it is best to focus on one party whose primaries are getting very heated: the Democratic Party.

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