Organization of African Unity was established in May 25 1963 with the membership of 32 independent African nations in that time. The Organization was Africa’s first post-colonial organization which was aimed to make African nations unite around the identity of being African and safeguard the privileges of the continent from outer threats. The Organization also acted as a mediator between the African nations which had disputes between one and another. Influenced by the Pan-African ideology of that time, the Organization showed promise for a United Africa against the ongoing Cold War that brewed between USSR and USA. The Organization essentially was formed in order to create a political collective which meant that the nations would preserve their sovereignty but would also act upon the ideals of a United Africa.

In BogaziçiMUN 2020, the delegates of this committee would be the heads of their respected Nations. The committee would move in a timeline where the Organization would start debating on different topics such as how far the extend of the Organization’s charter’s power should be and move from settling disputed borders between the nations to come up with ways to prevent a neo-colonialist movement that might danger the sovereignty and the independence of the continent all while the Cold War ongoing in the background.


The delegates will be tasked to change the course of the history which would affect the continent’s future either in a good or a bad way. The decisions given will impact the course of the committee which would be undoubtedly reflected upon the outcomes of the said actions from the Organization.


Under-Secretary-General: Tolga Yeşil

Academic Assistant: Asude Köklü

Committee Director: Dağhan Özdemir

Agenda Item: Open Agenda: Africa’s Challenges During 1965-1990


*This committee is apt for both intermediate level and experienced delegates.