Disarmament and International Security Committee, abbreviated as DISEC, is the first committee of United Nations General Assembly. General Assembly is one of the six main bodies of the United Nations and in its sessions, each member state of the UN has a right of representation which creates an atmosphere for the debate of the diverse issues from the status of Non-Proliferation Treaty to gender equality. 

First Committee: DISEC deals with the armament and international security issues which have troubled or are to trouble the international agenda and is working in collaboration with United Nations Disarmament Commission and the Geneva-based Conference on Disarmament to maintain full sustainability and peace among the member states along with the communities. First Committee sustains its missions in various regions for the precise provision of security, welfare, peace consolidation and unilateral disarmament agreements. DISEC submits various documents and reports focusing on the establishment of disarmament and promotion of global security to the United Nations Security Council for its approval along with numerous resolutions. 

DISEC, until the fourth committee was established, had also dealt with the issues regarding colonization and self-governance but hadn’t been able to address them effectively. Thus, after the formation of the Special, Political and Decolonization Committee; duties which were expected to be fulfilled but could not be covered, had been allocated to the mandate of the Fourth Committee. This alteration made the First Committee not only more effective and advantageous in the context of the assessment of global security issues but also increased the involvement of DISEC in the issues on the global agenda.

Under-Secretary-General: Süha Nurhat

Under-Secretary-General: Karahan Keskiner

Agenda Items: 

1. Preventing Bioterrorism and the Use of the Chemical Weapons 

2. Evaluating the Status of Treaties Concerning the Nuclear Armament Programme within the International Community


*This committee is apt for both inexperienced and experienced delegates.