Historical Crisis: The Roman Question

Agenda Item: Open Agenda

Under-Secretary-General: Zühtü Anıl Tutar & Ammar Badawy

Academic Assistant: Ender Nargız

In 1871, the eternal city of Rome fell to the forces of the Italian risorgimenti. The thousand-year dream of a unified Italy had now become cold hard fact. But the popes in Rome, now stripped of their temporal authority, were determined to resist this state of affairs. For half a century, the Holy See refused to accept the Italian authority, instead considering itself to be imprisoned in the Roman gardens and palaces.

Now, it is 1922 AD and the twin tides of fascism and revolutionary communism engulf Europe from all sides. Join Benito Mussolini as a member of the National Fascist Party as he attempts to steer Italy through these tumultuous times. You are the ones to decide whether the Pope is to remain a prisoner or be freed at last.