(Economic and Financial Affairs Council )

Agenda Item: Preventing the Increment of Money Laundering

Under-Secretary-General: Alper Kaan Özbek

Academic Assistant: Nazlı Kafadar

Economic and Financial Affairs Committee, abbreviated as ECOFIN, is the second committee of the United Nations General Assembly. General Assembly is one of the six main bodies of the United Nations and in its sessions, each member state of the UN has a right of representation which creates an open atmosphere for the debate of the diverse issues varying from the status of the Non-Proliferation Treaty to gender equality.

The Second Committee: ECOFIN, deals with macroeconomic questions and tries to address financial issues from an international perspective. At our conference, our agenda will be Money Laundering, which is a widely known issue. The financial world has been struggling with the prevention of money laundering for a long while. Since the ways of money laundering are usually too challenging to encrypt, it is a great problem that calls for decisive and proactive solutions. During the two days of our conference, you as our esteemed delegates will try to come up with preventive or reactive solutions to the issue of money laundering, hence providing the world of finance with a great achievement.