12-14 March 2021

"Bridging the Gap""


Letter From Secretary-General


Dear Participants, 


It is an uttermost pleasure and honour to announce that the third annual session of Boğaziçi Model United Nations will be held from Friday, March 12 to Sunday, March 14, 2021, in an entirely online format. During these unprecedented times, the spirit of Model United Nations has never been this much value to our world. From pandemics to financial crises, the hardships our world is facing undoubtedly requires international cooperation and collaboration. Ever since our establishment in 2017, we have been pursuing the goal of enriching and enlightening the young minds with international politics. Despite the handicaps, we will continue moving forward in our mission, because this year, our world needs these young minds more than ever.


Unfortunately, the only safe way to establish this important dialogue between young minds is doing so in a virtual format. While we cherish the opportunities provided by the physical space at our campuses, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic makes it highly unsafe to gather large numbers of people from around the world in an indoor setting. Thus, the conference, including the formal and informal committee sessions, will be conducted via Zoom and other online platforms. As with the previous iterations, the procedure of our conference will be majorly based on the Harvard MUN procedure.


This year, our academic and organization teams devoted months to properly convert the indispensable traditions of Model United Nations into an online environment, aiming to appropriately facilitate the Harvard MUN procedure. In light of our efforts, we are excited by the innovations demanded by this unique iteration of the conference. In order to make use of these innovations, our academic team prepared three unique committees to touch base with the core issues recurring for a long time. Each individual committee will endorse the future diplomats of today in order to have them resolve the longstanding conflicts via diplomatic negotiations.


Ultimately, I would like to conclude my letter with a quote from Guy Gavriel Kay: “A hand fought best when it made a fist.” That said, never forget that the United Nations became a thing once the nations were united. Let us all unite and fight for a new world to do away with evil. Let this spirit of union bridge the gaps, once again. 


With solidarity!


Ümit Altar Binici


BUDS MUN Subcommittee


Boğaziçi University Model United Nations Subcommittee (Boğaziçi MUN, BUDS MUN) is an official student subcommittee responsible for administration and organization of Model UN-related activities within Boğaziçi University. Boğaziçi MUN Subcommittee has actively been operating under Boğaziçi University Debate Society (BUDS) ever since its foundation in 2017.


Our Vision and Mission


As the subcommittee of Boğaziçi Model United Nations, our primary goal is not only to revolutionize the world of Model UN but also to preserve its traditions. The reason behind this mindset is being able to reach more and more people by adapting ourselves to today’s world and enriching them with the longstanding traditional value of the United Nations.


To achieve our goals, we relentlessly work for the betterment of the Model UN community by attending and contributing to the other Model UN conferences and organizations, training future diplomats and organizers, organizing Boğaziçi MUN conference every year since 2019, publishing our monthly bulletin PRESENT, and many more!


Our Plans for This Year


Boğaziçi MUN Online


We concur that the further steps we take, the broader the minds will get. For this reason, despite today’s unfortunate conditions, we are taking steps to adapt to the online environment in order to organize a fruitful Model UN conference via means of online communication systems.


In doing so, we are working on the revision of the traditional procedures and the Model UN etiquette for the online environment, without discarding the traditional value beneath. We are open to any type of questions or suggestions in that regard, feel free to contact us at if any.


PRESENT Bulletin


As of March 2020, we have initiated a brand new monthly bulletin project to keep people in touch with the politics, society, most recent news, and even with some trivial stuff! Initially published in April 2020, PRESENT has grown from 4 articles up to 15 a month, each month featuring a different theme of articles. 


For the upcoming year, we are planning to maintain this tradition enriching our content, as well as inviting others to contribute to this project. If you have any questions or suggestions, you may contact us at Find out more at